Save On Home maintenance cost

Home maintenance cost
Most people dream of owning a home, but often do not realize the expenses involved in home maintenance costs. Maintenance is required on all dwellings, but unlike renting or leasing, homeowners are responsible for their own repairs, so it is time to figure out the best way to save money during the process. Create an emergency home maintenance account to use for repairs that come up unexpectedly. A designated account can provide the funds to make repairs in an emergency and to ensure that money is available for preventive repairs before more serious damage occurs.

Check List

Establish a maintenance checklist to perform on a regular basis to detect minor problems and fix them in a timely manner. While it may seem tempting to let little things go, every dollar spent on preventive maintenance can save hundreds of dollars in the future. There are many simple things homeowners can do themselves like change air conditioning and furnace filters on a regular basis. If filters clog up, the units work harder for the same level of comfort. Keeping filters changed extends the life of the unit.

When certain problems occur such as a small roof leak, it is imperative to repair it quickly to avoid more costly structural damage. Before calling a professional to fix a problem, consult a home repair manual or the internet. They often provide detailed steps enabling homeowners to do repairs themselves. Take some maintenance courses at a local college or attend workshops or seminars at retail stores to improve your knowledge and skill. Learn how to make repairs by watching others. It is surprising how much knowledge sinks in by watching and paying close attention to details.


Major work such as Electricity, Gas, & Water works should be carried out by a qualified professional. Do not attempt to do this work yourself, it is very dangerous.

A Clean & Tidy Home

Keep the house as dust free as possible. Dust clogs filters, collects on appliance motors, and coils making them work harder and shortening their life span. The same holds true for the lint filter in a dryer. Empty it after every drying cycle and clean the vent several times a year. Repair any holes in the roof or siding to prevent further damage. Check windows and doors for water leakage or moisture on a regular basis. Be a responsible homeowner and know your limitations.

For instance, if a homeowner knows nothing about electricity, under no circumstances should they attempt repairs. Safety is the major concern, but severe damage to the homes entire electrical system is possible. A homeowner must carefully choose what they attempt to fix themselves or it may result in costing more money than hiring a professional. At some point, a homeowner will have to call a professional. However, you can still save money by doing the necessary research to ensure the professional performs quality work at affordable prices.


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