The three letter curse - D.I.Y

The three letter curse - D.I.Y

Tomorrow Never Comes

“I’ll start it today” or “I’ll finish it by next week” Have you ever said that to your family?
A D.I.Y project is like exercise, everyone is making excuses to not do it.
“I’ll start it today” or “I’ll finish it by next week”, these words are uttered everyday but yet nothing happens.
You know there are many small jobs in the houses to be done. For example:
The Garden needs a tidy-up
  • Floor tiles need a repair or replacing
  • Door keeps getting stuck
  • Showerhead needs maintenance
  • Gate is squeaky
  • A room needs painting
You have learned to work around these problems and been putting up with them for convenience. Your family has been so accustomed to these issues; you have adopted a specific way to deal with the problem. You pull extra hard on the broken door.
Designed a specific way to walk around your garden. You don’t use the broken side path instead going through the front door. You’ve added newspaper to a broken chair to balance the legs. Every time you tell yourself, this is fine and I’ll do these jobs soon. You will fix everything if you have time, and when you have time, you do other things.
But, like anything in life, if you don’t fix it now, you won’t fix it tomorrow. As days go do by, your to-do list gets larger.It’s time to take action and make a change BRS General Contracting is here to help. BRS GC will provide a weekly tip to help you with your home and garden maintenance.
If you need qualified and reliable tradesmen, then call BRS Property Solutions. From large house projects to small D.I.Y, BRS GC is the company to call.
Call 0402 173 403 or go to Website and make a booking online CLICK HERE where you will find our company contact details.
Give us a call and let us do what we do best and you can get on with whats more important to you.
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