Why Home Improvement is Important

Why Home Improvement is Important

If you were to ask homeowners what they would change in their home should they begin a major home improvement project, the answers would be familiar. They would admit to maximizing the living space, modernizing the kitchen, or enhancing the bathroom facilities to include a large tub or maybe a walk-in shower room.

The theme generally relates to a combination of practical and aesthetic values, making the everyday living facilities better while also seizing on the chance to modernize the design and layout of the home. But there is another value that should not be overlooked and, in fact, tends to be addressed almost subconsciously. That is home hygiene.

With the provision of extra space, the installation of new facilities, and the general modernization of the home, there is a chance to purchase new and improved equipment. So, the old, inefficient vacuum cleaner can be done away with and a new Miele vacuum cleaner bought, or the old plastic kitchen bin that has seen its day can be replaced by a modern Brabantia bin.

It might seem at first glance like a rather trivial issue, but the fact is that since improving the home is all about creating an improvement in living conditions, the chance to improve the level of cleanliness and health in the living space is a core value. For this reason, it is well worth making an investment in the best and most modern models that cater to floor, air, and refuse management.

Floor Management

Keeping the floors of a home clean is hugely important. Between the build up of bacteria on the tiles of a kitchen floor, to the dust and dirt that gets trapped in the fibres of a carpet or rug, there is plenty of health concerns on our floors.

It looks simple enough to keep tiled, laminate and wood floors clean. Most of us mopping them regularly, using floor detergents to ensure bacteria are killed off. But it is worth noting that most cylinder vacuum cleaners are effective on hard surfaces when it comes to daily cleaning.

Of course, carpets are a different matter, and a quality vacuum cleaner is necessary if their cleanliness is to be maintained. This is where cylinder or upright vacuum designs are both highly effective, providing deep cleaning by powerfully sucking dirt and dust from the fibers.

Air Management

Vacuum cleaners can play a part in improving the air quality in a home simply by removing so much of the dust particles that would otherwise be blown through the air. The air clean filter that is fitted into Miele models ensures that the maximum percentage of particles remains in the bag.

The development of handheld vacuum cleaners, meanwhile, means that dust on practically every surface can be sucked up. Crucially, this type of vacuum cleaner permits access to some of the tightest areas, like on top of cabinets and wardrobes, and on curtains, pictures, and even clothes.

Of course, there are other items that aid in the filtration of dust and microorganisms from the air. Proper ventilation systems, air sanitizers, and air dehumidifiers all have a part to play too.

Refuse Management

Perhaps the most logical way of managing home refuse is to have bins, but there are some modern standards in bins that can improve health conditions at home greatly. For example, a Brabantia bin is more than just a storage area for refuse because amongst the range are bins that have tightly fitting lids to ensure even odors remain trapped inside. Whether the bins are pedal, touch, senor or slide operated, the fact is that the lid closes automatically, ensuring higher levels of hygiene.

Some also have compartments for the two chief types of waste, namely paper and food, which means that house refuse can be more effectively recycled. The fact that the interior of these bins can also be easily wiped clean, means that cleanliness in the bin itself is easy to manage, while the availability of mini bins to sit on the worktop or table means food can be dispensed of more quickly and conveniently than ever before.

Taking on a home improvement project is a major thing. But the benefits are not just stylistic or practical, but also have to do with health too not least as it provides an excuse to purchase a better vacuum cleaner.


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